Diva Swimwear – designing wet sensations since 1942
What started out as a small workshop situated close by to the sandy beaches of Tel-Aviv more than 70 years ago, has grown into a top quality worldwide swimwear manufacturer, represented in over 40 countries worldwide. Welcome to the colorful, cheerful, and absolutely fabulous bathing suit world, created by Diva.
From the Sahara desert to Claude Monet
Our legacy and know how, alongside a dazzling mix of ethnic influences, spanning from the hot Mediterranean deserts to the classic European Salons of the 18th-19th century, has transformed over the years into a unique and universal language. The Diva language.
As part of our distinguished language, we are always proud to offer you the most elegant swimwear prints designed by top Italian fabric masters such as Paolo Farkas, Beppe Spadicini, and others.
Shaping the future
Each and every Diva swimwear is tailor-made to a perfect flattering fit, using the best technology available. Our unique designs and materials shape and sculpt your body, providing you with excellent support and comfort time after time.
We believe in details. Don’t you?
Once the fabric and design are being chosen, special embellishments are added to each piece, according to the Diva language and to universal fashion trends. Little details like gold elements, hand-crafted embroidery, and luxury beading are the things that distinguish a regular bathing suit from a Diva luxury swimsuit. And the compliments will be all yours…

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Yours, the Diva team